Discover Historical Bonn, Germany

Lying on both sides of River Rhine, Bonn is one of Germany’s most historically and culturally desirable cities. Founded by the Romans around 9 to 13 BC, the city has since led a very illustrious history.

Bonn is also a very scenic city and is often referred to as the “The Gate to the Romantic Rhine”. It has a vibrant atmosphere and carries a poignant passion for the arts as well as education, being a well-known university city since the early 19th century. Not many tourists know that the Minster Basilica that lies in the historic center of Bonn stands over the graves of the great Roman legionaries Florentius and Cassius. These days, the Minster Basilica is one of the city’s main architectural attractions. It is truly an impressive sight that is made even more stunning by its 12th century cloister and other and other works of art that it has safeguard over the years.

Bonn’s longstanding love for culture, arts and traditions is evident in the number of events and exhibitions that the city hosts every year. But if you happen not to experience one of these events on your visit, you can always find permanent collections at the city’s exquisite art and culture venues like the Art Museum Bonn, Museumsmeile, German Museum Bonn, and the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If you can’t get enough of museums, Bonn has certainly other equally interesting ones to offer. The Museum Koenig, for instance, is one of the biggest natural history museums in the world today. The main draw for the museum is undeniably the exhibit called “Our Blue Planet”, which showcases the different ecosystems on earth through a series of well-presented dioramas.

For some visitors, Bonn will be forever known as the birthplace of one of the greatest composers who ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven. If you want to catch a glimpse of the composer’s early life, make your way to Beethoven-House, which was the very place where Beethoven was born in 1770. By 1889, the house was converted into a museum that maintains a collection of rare documents and items associated with the composer.

Beethoven-House also houses the Chamber Music Hall, which is a regular host for Beethoven-themed performances. The museum offers guided tours to guests who wish to get more insight into Beethoven’s magnificent life. And the good news is the Beethoven-House is not hard to find as it is situated in the center of town. To celebrate the life and accomplishments of Bonn’s favorite son, the city also organizes the Beethovenfest Bonn every mid-September to mid-October.

While in Bonn, don’t pass up the chance to explore its historical center, adorned with precious architectural gems aside from the Minster Basilica. One of them is Town House, which exudes a gorgeous late Baroque architectural design. Nowadays, the Baroque Town House serves as the main marketplace in the city that sells mostly fresh produce from Monday to Saturday. But even if you’re not interested in picking up vegetables and fruits, grab the chance to mingle with the locals by hanging out at one of the cafes or bistros scattered around the area.